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Graduation Gifts–Finally!

I have been training seven of my lovely volleyball players this summer and now it’s time to say goodbye and send them off to college.  Only one will be returning for her senior year of high school and the others will be spread all over the country at various schools playing volleyball.  I am very excited for each of them and wanted to give them a handmade gift by RAD Mama to remember our year.

Yes there are only six girls in this picture.  One had to miss practice on July 4th for vacation.

Ok back to the gifts.  Three of my girls are going to cold weather locations and I knitted them very cute cowl scarfs.  One was in brown tones with two buttons, one in a blue with yellow color block and a red with sparkles in it.  Unfortunately in my furry of getting all these done I didn’t get any photos of the scarfs.  Maybe they will model for me before they leave!

The other four received cosmetic bags.

I love the way they turned out.  Personalized and vinyl on the inside so when things spill it makes for easier clean up!

Congratulations to my girls and a Happy Graduation to all accomplishing a milestone in life!

RAD Mama



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  1. These are so cute, and the scarves I’m sure turned out wonderful as well! I have four boys with my eldest two being twins who are going off to college. My husband and I bought a Sling Adapter so that the twins can watch live TV on their Smartphones while they’re away from home using the Dish Remote Access app. We decided to go this route with gifts after one of my co-workers at Dish told me that she and her husband bought a Sling Adapter last year so their daughter would have some free entertainment while at school. I’m hoping it will help to keep them both occupied on their off time without having to spend any money.

  2. I know I saw this before, but saw it again just now to make sure my link to your blog was working — and holy cow, your bags are *gorgeous*!! Seriously. Puts my Vegas work to shame 😀 Your lucky girls!


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