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The family at a recent wedding.

Hi I am Regan.  I started blogging to be able to share my creations with friends and family that are far away.  It also gives me a space to keep track of all the projects that I sew, knit, repurpose, dye, glue, and whatever else I come up with.  A little more about me….

I have worked outside the home and now taking a break to raise my family.   I have coached volleyball since college and most recently was a personal trainer.  As I look back over my years prior to mommyhood they are laden with teaching, coaching and caregiving so really I considered myself highly qualified for this job.  Well I think we all find out along the way that all the qualifications in the world don’t prepare anyone for mommyhood.  It is a fascinating and intriguing journey that I am only a few short months into but loving every moment.

My desire to craft exploded during the first few months after my daughter was born.  Prior to delivery I was cooking, canning, baking and vacuum sealing everything (more on this later).  I really believe the post-partum hormones brought out a creative desire that yearns to take over every spare moment of my day.  As I sit in my craft room and hear that whimper over the monitor I know that any minute my time will no longer be mine but selfishly wanting just five more minutes to sew one more seam or hot glue another thingy.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment.


My hubs…my sweet and very content baby girl… Costco… Pinterest (don’t we all?)…a afternoon thunderstorm when I have no place to go…Spain…capri pants…cheese (in any form)…sewing… reading (although I don’t do enough of it)… teaching others…the feeling after a long day of hard work…yoga…baby giggles…the smell of fresh cut grass…JoAnn Fabrics…homemade ice cream… ruffles (not the potato chips)…spools of ribbon…fat quarters…Wheel of Fortune (I make my family watch it every night), Kitchen Aid mixer…vacuum sealing…the thought of a green thumb (maybe one day!)…our hammock…sangria…IKEA Swedish meatballs and the lingonberry sauce…Starbucks Eggnog latte… Mochi (amazing balls of ice cream)


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  1. Love the new layout :)!! (Or, at least I think it’s new!)


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