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A Finished Quilt!

Woosh I finally finished this quilt from ummm months ago.  I think the completion of this project has brought me out of my blogging hiatus.

It is a quilt for Quilts for Kids that I started with my friend Cara at one of our sewing circles.  I was dreading the finish of this project simply because I didn’t know how to bind a quilt!  Ok on the other side it really wasn’t that hard.  I watched an awesome youTube video from The Crafty Gemini on binding a quilt.  I highly recommend.  My mom was also in town and gave me a few hints from her limited quilting knowledge.

I think I might even make another quilt!  Well after about a million other projects.  In the meantime I hope a little boy or girl who is going through a hard time enjoys this quilt.

Have you ever had a project that just sits in your sewing room starring at you and sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable?  Like hey the longer you wait the more daunting I get?  Well I finally tackled mine and I feel liberated!  On to another project, if I can get away from this Project Runway marathon.

RAD Mama