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Re-Purpose Wedding Sweater

I had this sweater in the closet and hadn’t worn it in over a year, prior to being pregnant.  My new rule is longer than a year (not including bun in the oven time) and it needs to go or be repurposed.

old sweater from closet

Well I saw icandyhomemade had a repurposed sweater with her cute circle skirt and I thought this one from my closet would go with my new skirt.  So I used this idea and made a nice top even though it was 85 degrees in March!  I didn’t follow her directions exactly because “winging it” is more fun and my sweater was a bit different.

First step, I measured to find the center of the sweater.  Now this sweater has ribs so it made it easy to follow along in a straight line while cutting.

Next be brave and cut!  I know this is scary but you will be better on the other side.

Now I finished the edges with some pink bias tape.  I pinned the bias tape to the wrong side (raw edge folded over) and sewed on the right side of my sweater.  The ribs on the sweater helped sew a straight line.

Easy right!  I also added a hook and eye to the top because I prefer that look.

I would love to see your re-purposed clothes.  Feel free to leave a link.

Happy Sewing,

RAD Mama


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  1. Seeing this result gives me a lot more confidence to do something with my closet too. Thanks for sharing.


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