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Chevrons and Carrots

I have seen chevron patterns all over the place with varying width and colors.  So I thought the little one needed her own chevron bubble!  So I set out to make my own and here is how it turned out.  Kinda impressed with my fly by the seat of my pants sewing.

I sewed each of those zig zags together and made my own bubble pattern.  Still needs some work but I think it turned out cute and with an obnoxiously large flower who doesn’t think she is the cutest baby ever!  Of course mom is biased.  Also I think this is the only time in life that fat rolls are cute!

Now for carrots.  We started solids recently.  Just some steamed carrots and a little of the cooking water.

Ready for my first meal!

She enjoyed her high chair but had no idea what was about to happen…..

A little nervous but she went with it…..

Still not sure what this is that is getting shoved into her mouth….

But it seems spitting it out seem to be better than swallowing.  So we will try again.

RAD Mama


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