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Today was my monthly trip to Costco.  I buy all my groceries there and very rarely go to a chain grocery store unless I need a speciality item.  Although I choke as the cashier reads the total, I love the convenience of only having to grocery shop once a month.  This little trip takes a whole day of work separating the ginormous bags of food into smaller portions for my freezer.  Here are a few items I picked up.

I found this amazing artichoke and jalapeno dip.  Paired with some carrots it is a yummy snack.  These carrots I put in small freezer bags and vacuum sealed them for later.

And I found the Mochi–aka little balls of ice cream goodness.

And I LOVE their flowers.

And I LOVE this little nugget.  It was her first time to ride in the cart like a big girl!

Off to freeze more goodies from my Costco-ing!

RAD Mama