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Pinned It Did It–Iced Coffee Remake

Pinterest for me is like reality tv, a big time suck but I just can’t stop.  Currently I have 1706 pins, which is nothing to those who were early adopters of Pinterest.  I have decided to actually start doing the things I have pinned which I am sure will lead to more pins and a long list of things to do.  Here is the first and can now be found on my Pinterest Board “Pinned It Did It.”  Want to see what else I have pinned click on my button.
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4 coffee ice cubes

1 cup of almond milk or cow’s milk

I love iced coffees and this is super simple but I found it a bit blah for my taste buds so I blended it up with a better result.

4 coffee ice cubes

1 cup of almond milk/cow’s milk

1 tablespoon aguve nectar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Throw all ingredients in the blender and let it whirl for a minute or two.

I think this whipped iced coffee had a nice froth and great taste.  A definite keeper for a morning treat or afternoon pick me up.


RAD Mama