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Four Generations in South Dakota

We recently took a trip to South Dakota!  Maybe not on everyone’s must see list but seeing my grandmother on her 98th birthday was the highlight for us.  Now I have never lived in SD but my Dad and most of his side of the family have all had a stint there.  We had 4 generations in the room for my grandmother’s birthday.

After we spent the day celebrating my hubs, baby and I set out to drive across the state to see Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park.  With an almost 8 month old in the car we had to make a few stops and picked the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD as our first.  Hubs heard about this place from a co-worker and I had no idea what to expect.  It’s actually really interesting and the building is used for community events such as basketball games, high school graduations, and craft shows.

Each year they have a theme and create designs made of corn husks on the outside to represent that theme.  This year happened to be youth sports so of course we had to find the volleyball mural and take a picture.

Next stop was Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD.  Not much else in the town but a street that looks like the old west covered with parked SUVs from all over the country.  We browsed the drug store and I found some inspiration for some new outfits to make for the little one and hubs found the soda shop.  I ordered up some root beer floats from a Slovenian girl behind the counter.  The drug store participates in a work across America program and pretty much everyone working in the shop was from another country.

After enough browsing at all the odds and ends the drug store carried we were ready to drive our last 100 miles or so into Custer State Park.  I think this is the part my hubs had been waiting for since we left Austin.

Our B and B for the evening.

Along the scenic drive through the park.  We weren’t this daring to feed the animals!

Beautiful nature!

The fam at Mount Rushmore.  A wonderful trip across America to see a National Landmark and a 98 year old grandma.