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I think a table settings really make a party something special.  Since this week is the recap of the baptism I thought I would show you a bit of the tables and food.  Now I had full intention of taking pictures of all my hard work but was so worried about getting the food out, perfectly of course, that I totally forgot.  So thank goodness my step-dad captured a few shots.

I made the tiered platters and borrowed the tablecloths from my mom.  I really like how flowery tablecloth looked under the tired platters with flowers.

Letters I made to display on the wall.

Here was the menu:

Sandwiches that included roast beef, turkey and ham

Veggie Tray with the Arkticoke Jalapeno dip from my Costco-ing Trip

Fruit Tray

Lemon Pound Cake Bites

Variety of Pound Cakes

Brownie Balls–Recipe HERE

Water with lemon

Orange Sherbet Punch with Spirit Zero


The day was a wonderful time with family and a celebration of a baptism.

She received so many wonderful gifts and had a blast trying to get into them.

Baby girl in her great grandmother’s christening gown.  It’s 100 years old!


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